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Gordie Howe: Defense

Gordie shows how crucial the position is to overall team success and, with his sons Mark and Marty, visually demonstrates the hip check, stick check, hand check, shoulder check, poke check, elbow hold, take out and take down. As well, Mark and Marty discuss and show positioning, communication with the goal tender, using the net as a third defenseman, playing the fourth forward, techniques for blocking shots, penalty killing and a host of other topics. The "Blue Line Rendezvous" and tactics for playing one on one, two on one, three on one, two on two and three on two are examined in detail. This DVD provides every defenseman, young or old, with the key ingredients for hockey success.


Перевод на русский язык.  1 DVD





Gordie Howe: Goaltending

Ed Giacomin, formerly with the New York Rangers and the Detroit Red Wings, played 13 seasons with a 2.82 career average and is in the top 10 group of goalies with the most shut outs. Play outside the net, use of the goal stick, equipment selection, etc. are thoroughly explained and demonstrated. Examples of Russian training provide an interesting contrast to North American practices. Gordie discusses the great goalies he played with and against, drawing from those experiences important lessons for today's amateur and professional.


Перевод на русский язык.  1 DVD




Gordie Howe: Forwards
Gordie Howe and his sons, Mark and Marty, demonstrate the qualities that make excellent forwards. Strategies for face offs and play making are revealed. Center, Right Wing and Left Wing are each discussed in detail with visual examples of how and how not to play each position. The video examines topics such as the defensive forward, bumper, avoiding offsides, momentum, playing without the puck, avoiding checks, etc. Some of the best instructional sequences ever filmed concerning forechecking and back checking as "The Legend" shows firsthand what goalscoring is all about.


Перевод на русский язык.  1 DVD




BETWEEN THE PIPES                                   Обучающая программа для вратарей.

GOALTENDING!  Your Game Starts Here!


   BTP'S 4 Vol. DVD Training series. Everything the student goaltender needs to be prepared for the on-ice training at the clinic & keeping their game tuned up during the hockey season! 

   BTP's DVD series is shipping to all corners of the globe! Order your set today! You can expect the same fantastic instruction with all the newest and cutting edge training you get during our clinics and more. BTP's "Goaltending! Your Game Starts Here!" Four Part DVD Training Series Includes:


DVD One: Goaltending Basics. 

DVD Two:  Elite Skill Development. 

DVD Three:  Basic Goaltending Drills.  

DVD Four: Elite Goaltending Drills.


Язык: английский.   1 DVD




Bobby Hull Jr's "SHOOTING & SCORING"
   This DVD is not a boring hash of drills upon skills upon practice. The video strikes a terrific balance of NHL highlights showing the Hull’s themselves (including others) and a look at the fundamental ice hockey drill practice that makes a champion.
   Whether you play ice hockey, roller hockey or field hockey, the concepts, hockey drills and practice instruction shown in the DVD can apply to the game you love. The tape provides excellent insight on the proper mechanics and techniques necessary to become a dead eye shooter. He also covers ‘where’ to shoot from on the ice, sharing the highest percentage locations from where to get the puck in the net.
   The DVD includes many NHL highlights, on ice instruction and classroom discussions that show examples of the principals taught in the DVD. It provides expert instruction on the following shots: wrist shot, backhand shot, snap shot and slap shot. As a goal scorer you will also learn to fake, deke and tip-in shots.


Язык: английский.   1 DVD




Stick With The Edge

DVD One: Stickhanding Theory and Preparation

DVD Two: Stickhanding Agility Techniques
DVD Three: The Moves, Fakes Or Dekes
DVD Four: Stickhandling Drills For Coacher

DVD Five: Dryland Training For Stickhandling


Обучающая программа посвящена исключительно мастерству владения клюшкой. Видеокурс из 5 дисков расчитан как на начинающих, так и на опытных игроков.


Язык: английский.   5 DVD




Secrets Of Hockey Speed Vol. 1

From North America to Europe, Robby Glantz continues to be hockey's most requested skating instructor. His innovative methods for teaching the foundations for speed are used by players at all levels - from youth hockey to the pros. Now these same techniques are available to you in this video...The first video to truly detail the step-by-step methods that will generate top speed. And with demonstrations from NHL stars Steve Duchesne and Tony Granato, easy-to-grasp terminology, and creative camera angles, you are sure to learn what it takes to attain that extra step you have always been looking for.  


Язык: английский.   1 DVD



Secrets Of Hockey Speed Vol. 2

Instructor Robby Glantz draws on all his experience to teach ice hockey fans how to finely tune their skating skills on this two part program.


Язык: английский.   1 DVD




Комплект из 8 дисков. Обучающая программа посвящена совершенствованию хоккейного мастерства для игроков любого уровня и возраста, а так же для тренеров. Максимально подробно и детально показаны упражнения для тренировок как в реальном времени, так и в замедленных повторах. Данный видеокурс подробно охватывает такие темы, как:

1.      Катание

2.      Контроль шайбы

3.      Сила и точность броска

4.      Отбор шайбы

5.      Тактика атаки

6.      Тактика защиты

7.      Командная игра

8.      Тренировки вне льда


В съёмках данного релиза принимали участие: Wayne Gretzky, Kevin Lowe, Ken Hitchcock, Ryan Smyth, Joe Thornton, Vincent Lecavalier, Martin St-Louis, Wade Redden, Martin Brodeur, Jarome Iginla.


Язык: английский.   8 DVD




Alex Kovalev: My Hockey Tips and Training Methods


   Школа хоккейного мастерства от Алексея Ковалёва 


   Язык: английский, французский.   2 DVD



"No Rebounds"                                          Обучающая программа для вратарей.


Former NHL Goaltender and NHL Goaltender Coach, Steve McKichan has created the most comprehensive, cutting edge instructional video series available.


Goaltending Fundamentals (DVD 1) addresses all the save selections and skills a developing goaltender should possess. Chapters include everything from stance to movement to rebound control to Breakaways.



1. Basic Stance                                     10. Stick Use
2. Movement                                          11. Glove Saves
3. Butterfly                                              12. Blocker Saves
4. Half Pad Save                                   13. Basic Rebound Control
5. Paddle Down                                    14. Handling Loose Pucks
6. Two Pad Slide                                  15. Breakaways
7. Recoveries                                        16. Man Behind Net
8. Hugging the Post                              17. Angles
9. Breaking Up Centering Passes      18. Equipment


Язык: английский.   1 DVD



Brett & Bobby Hull's Instructional Shooting & Scoring DVD 2.0


Coach of The Year Bobby Hull Jr. & NHL Superstar Brett Hull join forces to update their all new Hockey Shooting & Scoring Instructional DVD. This DVD covers all aspects of learning and developing an NHL caliber shot as well as endless goal scoring techniques using the Hull method of shooting & scoring. Brett Hull demonstrates all the shots in hockey including the wrist, backhand, slap shots, one timers and dekes and fakes. This 2007/8 edition DVD includes demonstrations, drills and a special "Sniper Secrets" segment where Brett and his brother Bobby reviel all the secrets natural goal scorers' don't want you to know. All of the footage is updated and each skill is reinforces with Brett Hull NHL scoring footage so you can see how to apply your new found shooting & scoring techniques in game situations. The 1999 DVD was good but this All New 2007/2008 edition DVD blows the original out of the water!


Язык: английский.   1 DVD




Laura Stamm's POWER SCATING       Обучающий видеокурс по технике катания


Laura Stamm's Power Skating DVD will show you how to get to loose pucks faster, react quickly to the play, and get back in position in balance and under control. In addition, you'll discover how to improve your skating in all the fundamental skills. You'll learn proven drills to help you practice and master each maneuver. The DVD presents skills and drills in these six areas:


1. Balance and control
2. Smooth and powerful stride
3. Turning speed and lateral mobility
4. Aggressive starts and sudden stops
5. Quick turns and transitions
6. Agility maneuvers

Laura Stamm has been teaching hockey's best players how to skate for more than 30 years. Her internationally renowned Power Skating Clinics have helped thousands of junior skaters and pro players to increase their speed, ability, and efficiency on the ice. Several NHL teams have adopted her Power Skating System.

In addition, former National Hockey League player Doug Brown and Lee Jelenic of the American Hockey League provide top-quality demonstrations of each skill and drill. This DVD presents every technique you need to practice to skate your best and elevate your game.


Язык: английский.   1 DVD



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